While living in the country is second-to-none when it comes to peace and tranquility, it isn't without it's headaches. Many of the old 5 foot t-post and wire fences aren't tall enough to keep taller stock, such as horses or mules, from leaning over to graze on "greener pastures." Likewise, originally installed cattle fencing isn't tall enough to keep the deer our of our prized petunias! Removing old fencing and reinstalling new, taller, t-posts is not only expensive, it's plain hard work.

Now, there is a new easy-to-install solution to an old problem. Our T-Post Extender fits right on top of your existing fence t-post. It can raise the height of your fence in a matter of minutes with no t-post removal or back breaking installation.  It is asthetically pleasing because it looks just like your existing fence. Simply run new wire on top and voila, you're done! This is the t-post extension you've been waiting for!

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"Extending the life of your 
  fence one post at a time"